MyWays Student Success Series

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From 2014 to 2017, Grace Belfiore and Dave Lash, along with colleagues at Next Generation Learning Challenges, researched student outcomes and the nature of student success in a high-skill economy. The result is the MyWays Student Success Series: 12 reports plus an introduction/overview and a visual summary.

MyWays asks the four big questions challenging public education in the US today and distills oceans of research to bring you trustworthy answers and actionable ideas.

  • WHY the urgent need for fundamental change?
  • WHAT competencies must students develop to succeed in a world of accelerating change?
  • HOW can schools enable students to build this broader, deeper set of competencies?
  • HOW can they measure progress, in ways that support learning?

MyWays diamond 20170806v1-1smThe centerpiece of this initiative is the MyWays Student Success Framework, a synthesis of 20 competencies for success in learning, work, and life. Use the MyWays framework, tools, and community to launch your school-change initiative and reimagine designs for learning and student success.


Visit the MyWays website.